In defense of the AOC Met Gala costume: The Spectator World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looked radiant on the red carpet at the Met Gala. It also looked sleek, at least until it turned. But this is spectacle. And that, after the last 18 months, is reassuring: this is still America.

The message she sent to the Met in a decorated wedding dress is also still American. It is important, about the class and the future of this country. And no one in politics since Donald Trump is better placed to deliver it.

Ocasio-Cortez is the living proof of the gospel of prosperity. As an old star equipped only with moxie and a specialist in Theater Studies, she has climbed to the top. It’s okay for him to share his success with his audience, in the same way that the stars of the Depression years shared his. As Lina Lamont says on the red carpet Singing in the rain, “If we bring a little joy to your wet lives, it makes us feel like our hard work hasn’t been in vain for anything.” Bless them all.

It is endearing that Ocasio-Cortez shares his enthusiasm for joining the pure blood of the winners ’circle. Here’s a young woman living her “best life” the way the new title prescribed. He has a great time at a party. She is letting go of the mask and fear. Think the Conservatives would at least approve of it. One would think that people who say offensive things and say “LOL, just kidding” would have the grace to laugh, especially at themselves.

Yet in the circle of whistleblowers, paternalists, Puritans, and supporters are outraged by this display of prostitution. How dare the representative of one of the most impoverished districts of New York City to attend the Met Gala, a spectacle of so much rubbish, decay and nonsense that makes the end-of-career Bourbon monarchy look like the first colony of Massachusetts Bay? political slogan like “Tribute the rich”?

A new outrage is expressed in the claims that Ocasio-Cortez paid $ 30,000 for his ticket. He had barely freed his feet from party bombs before sinking it: “And before enemies sink in flight, elected officials in New York are routinely invited to attend the Met for our responsibilities in overseeing and to support the city with cultural institutions for the public ”.

The fate of the Republic also seems to depend on whether a self-described socialist should wear a wedding dress with “Impose the Rich” with the blood-red symbol on the back elegantly dressed. These objections are revealing, if not as revealing, as the tediously shocking almost naked dresses that women have been wearing at the Met Gala since, yes, Cher in 1974. As with all hatred, it reveals more about hatred than ‘odi.

Ocasio-Cortez is a master troll. She is an expert in promoting hatred and value-added recycling for the “AOC” brand. Meet your audience: 12.7 million on Twitter, 8.7 million on Instagram. These figures are considerably in excess of 110,000, which is the number of voters in the 14th district of the New York Congress who shook hands in 2018.

Pseudomoralist accusations of decay, hypocrisy, and immodesty feed his fame. This has always been and will always be the case in the celebrity economy. And celebrities have been inextricably linked to politics since the silly myth of Camelot.

It takes an intuitive genius of the show to announce from the red carpet that she and the immigrant designer “Black, Sustainably Focused,” Aurora James, wanted to raise the question of what it means to be a working class woman in the Met ”. The real division of classes was visible behind AOC: the rich go without masks, the caterers of the catering company remain masked and wonder about their health insurance.

“The medium is the message,” AOC he tweeted while dressing. Our attention was assured, he turned quickly from the fourth wall and stated what was obvious: “We need to talk in this country about working families.”

You know he’s right about that, and that Republicans have hardened workers for decades. There are other messages in the Met Gala medium: how comfortable democratic politicians are among the rich and famous, how carefree this demonstration of their class power is, for example. But AOC understands that this was what socialism in the United States would always look like: free WiFi and universal basic income, with a star system and a bit of glamor.

He also understands that the polls are no longer the true multiplier of the force of political influence: it is showbiz. Maybe that’s how politics would be in the United States.

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