Custom Procedure Package Market: High demand for minimally invasive surgeries to boost the market

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has published a new report entitled ‘Custom procedure package market – Global analysis of the industry, size, participation, growth, trends and forecasts, 2019-2027. ‘According to the new report, the global custom procedure package market was valued at over US $ 10 billion in 2018. It is expected to expand at a … Read more

Breast implant removal: procedure, cost and more

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure to remove implants that a surgeon initially introduced as part of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Sometimes, health insurance plans can cover the costs of the procedure, depending on the reason the person initially required implantation and the reason for the removal. The procedure can lead to complications, so … Read more

Psychology: Young women who spend hours on Instagram are more likely to want cosmetic surgery

Young women who spend hours surrounding Instagram are more likely to want cosmetic surgery than those who shun social media, the study warns Experts from the University of Surrey surveyed 247 women on body image They then repeated the exercise after exposing the subjects to Instagram photos Those who were shown sexualized images had increased … Read more

Botox users are getting younger after a year of Zoom meetings, doctors say

As cities around the world begin to open up after the COVID-19 blockades, the effects of the pandemic begin to appear on people’s faces. Aesthetic medicine experts say they have begun to notice one increase in Botox treatments among the younger generations. They say that people, particularly women, about twenty years old, pandemic old and … Read more

The “reverse selfie”: blurring the lines of reality and fantasy – Women’s eNews

The Dove brand launched its “Reverse Selfie” advertising campaign that sparked a public conversation about social media and beauty standards in April 2021 as part of a self-esteem project that has dragged on for years. two decades. The campaign included a young woman who reversed several improvements made to a selfie using a mobile photo-buying … Read more

Do not seek beauty at the expense of life

China’s plastic surgery industry is booming, thanks to women’s changing attitudes toward cosmetic procedures and the growing desire to maintain their appearance. [Lu Ping / China Daily] Summer is the time when some realize that the body hiding under bulky winter clothes is not as ready to go out as they would like. This can … Read more

A famous Chinese website, 33 years old, dies of a serious infection after cosmetic surgery

Xiaoran Photo: Sina Weibo Chinese netizens have once again called for stricter regulation in the cosmetic surgery industry after news broke that a 33-year-old network celebrity living in eastern China had died of a serious infection on Tuesday. after undergoing liposuction. The tragedy of Xiaoran, a celebrity on the network with more than 130,000 followers … Read more